Why Airbnb Is So Worth It? A little bit about my experiences using – the good and the not so great.

Airbnb was my go-to when searching for a place to stay while traveling around Thailand and Bali. If you like to travel or even just go for little weekend trips get on the Airbnb train! It’s so worth it. First off, the Airbnb application is incredibly easy to navigate through even for those of us who are a little challenged when it comes to technology…

All you have to do is “Explore” your destination, choose the place you’d like to stay, check its availability and then book if it’s free! You’ll have the ability to message with the host directly for further details about your stay and the property, as well as ask any questions. Airbnb provided me with a peace of mind and so much comfort while I was traveling because I always knew that I’d have a safe and clean place to spend the night. If you’re on the edge about using Airbnb or just curious about it, well, then I’d like to share some of my Airbnb experiences with you. Decide for yourself whether you’d like to use Airbnb the next time you travel.

Bangkok, Thailand

Landscape of thailand

I went to Bangkok for a week as I was picking up my boyfriend from the airport and then showing him around the city for a few days. I found a decently priced bedroom in Sukhumvit with easy access to BTS and MRT, the public transportation in Bangkok. After booking, the owner contacted me through the app to welcome me and give me heaps of helpful information.

The owner didn’t live on the property so she gave me clear directions on how to get to the apartment building and room itself (if you’ve been to Bangkok, then you know how the streets and alleyways get very confusing so this information from her was much appreciated). She also shared the maid’s phone number with me in case I had any trouble finding the space. Needless to say, I was very impressed at how accommodating she was! She set a great tone for our stay at her place.

My boyfriend and I had no problem finding the Airbnb thanks to the concise directions I had from the owner’s message. When we got to the apartment, we were more than pleased! The space was immaculate and the room was spacious. It had a bed that was pretty uncomfortable, however, but beds in Thailand are often hard as a rock. So we kind of expected it.

Thankfully there was air conditioning though! The best part was the big balcony with couches to sit on and relish in the amazing view of the Sukhumvit neighborhood. My boyfriend and I spent most of our time out there. We shared the space with another couple and solo traveler that stayed in the other two rooms in the apartment.

The owner hadn’t told us that little detail but we didn’t mind. We all shared the kitchen and bathroom and got along very well.  Everyone was considerate and friendly. My boyfriend and I thought this first experience using Airbnb was pretty great, but it only got better.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Food in Bangkok

My memories of this Airbnb are so vivid because it was so amazing! The owners were an extremely kind couple, a Thai woman and man from Minnesota in the U.S. They lived in the other room of the house and they also ran the cafe in the front of the property. They, too, like the owner of the Airbnb in Bangkok, were very clear on how to get to their place and gave us their number just in case we got lost.

We arrived in the late evening and were still warmly welcomed despite the late hour. We went straight to the bedroom as we were pretty tired from the long day of travel. The room was so nicely decorated and guess what, the bed was so plush and comfortable! We were happy campers, to say the least. We slept like rocks.

The next day we really got to have a look around. The house was so cool! There were books everywhere that we were welcome to read, an acoustic guitar we were told to play, and it was so homey. The owner also told us we could use their bikes if we had an interest in exploring Chiang Mai by bike. We started our day off by eating at their cafe and we were blown away by how tasty it was! This Airbnb was the ultimate. We stayed just for a weekend and were so sad to leave.

Canggu, Bali

Bangkok’s streets

After my boyfriend went back home to America, I went on my first solo adventure to Canggu, Bali. I was definitely a little nervous and wanted to make sure I had a safe place to sleep. Thank goodness for Airbnb because I found the best place that completely made my whole experience.  The location was prime, just about a five-minute walk to the beach and ten-minute walk into town.

I booked by stay a couple months in advance because I was so excited and was in contact with the owner throughout.  As it got closer to the day of my arrival, she arranged for a driver to pick me up at the airport and bring me back to the property.  The Airbnb was set up like a hostel.

There was an all-female dorm, which I chose to stay in, and then a co-ed dorm. So through the app, I just reserved a bunk bed.  The property was so awesome!  There was a grass courtyard, a common room, a community kitchen, and shared bathroom and showers. The group of travelers that were staying at the Airbnb while I was there were so welcoming.

Some had been there longer than others and already had made their friends, but they welcomed me in and I quickly made a little friend-family. The owner stopped by every day to check in on us all and answer any questions or accommodate us in any way she possibly could. This was my favorite Airbnb, for sure.

So as you see, I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad experience with Airbnb. Because of my experiences, I think it is the only way to go when finding a place to stay when traveling. Airbnb allows you a sort of local experience. It is so easy and so worth it.

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