AIRBNB – is it worth using a brokerage service to rent a room for your leisure time? Your reviews

Traveling the world is very popular nowadays, thanks to a large extent to the constantly decreasing price of airline tickets, which allows to quickly reach even the other side of the world.

However, the biggest problem for tourists is always finding reasonable accommodations at an affordable price while somewhere in another country. Not everybody likes to travel with a travel agency, and such trips are not always worthwhile anyway, but on the other hand booking rooms on one’s own can be quite tedious.

A modern online portal Airbnb can come to the rescue; its main goal is connecting tourists with owners of holiday cabins, guest houses, hotels and many other types of accommodations around the world. Is it really so and is it possible to use this portal to find an ideal room offer, custom-tailored to one’s needs?

What exactly is Airbnb?

Airbnb most definitely is not a new portal, as it has existed on the market since 2008 and during this time it has managed to earn huge trust. First of all, the company boasts of the most powerful lodgings offer in the world, including dozens of countries on our planet. These offers come not only from Europe, but also from both Americas, Africa and to some extent from Asia, and the number of rooms is constantly growing.

However, the portal promotes itself first of all as a place that allows to find overnight accommodations anywhere in the world regardless of one’s means. Those looking for comfort can select luxury villa rentals, while tourists seeking affordable places will find cheaper guest houses or even agro tourism options.

A significant advantage of this portal is reducing the language barrier – the reason why it is hard for many people to find accommodations on their own. The portal has been translated into numerous languages, and the majority of offers are presented in English, so most folks certainly will not have problems understanding them.

The Airbnb web portal, however, offers its services not only when you are looking for a place to stay, whether just for a weekend or for an extended period of time. It is also a powerful database of numerous tourist attractions, including dining options, historic landmarks or places where you can have some fun in the evening. As a result, the portal really allows you to plan your entire vacation in various parts of the world, without tourist guidebooks or help of others.

How does the Airbnb service work?

The way the web portal Airbnb works turns out to be incredibly simple, especially in regards to searching for and reserving accommodations. First of all, we need to figure out the exact departure date, number of people to register and also the destination to travel to.

After these few steps the search engine will return a ton of results with room offers, which can be sorted, for instance by price. The system itself works in a way similar to internet stores. On the main page we see a thumbnail of the facility, its price and basic information; after clicking through we will find the detailed conditions of the offer. This is also where one can contact the owner of the room in question, inquire about its availability and right away proceed with the reservation based on the conditions set by the host.

The Airbnb portal, however, was created not just for tourists but also for people offering their lodgings all over the world. The database of millions of customers everywhere, which the company boasts of, allows to easily present one’s offer to people who may actually be interested in renting. Thus the portal works in two ways simultaneously – it offers accommodations to tourists while providing a huge opportunity and advertising options to people and companies seeking tourists for their lodgings.

It’s worth adding that the portal guarantees full moderating and verification of the offers that are posted. Thus tourists searching for lodgings are to feel safe, despite making a reservation somewhere at the other end of the world. To increase the feeling of security, each accommodation offer includes the information if it has already been verified by Airbnb, or if the verification is still pending.

Conveniently browse popular destinations

Airbnb’s format makes it, in a sense, a source of inspiration for planning your next vacation. The best example of this is displaying on the page the most popular destinations, which are generated based on the current trends among the users of the portal.

Choosing one of such places on the list we are immediately directed to the offers of lodgings and all sorts of tourist attractions available in a given location. The same strategy can be used to plan our vacation when we have already selected the destination but we want to find out more details about what is worth seeing in the area and what we might like there. The intuitiveness of the interface is a big advantage here; having spent here even just a few minutes one can navigate it very efficiently, despite the impressive database of properties.

What can you learn from users’ reviews?

At this point many people likely wander if taking advantage of the offers available on Airbnb is worth their attention. In the case of the majority of users – and the service has been in use for many long years already – the reviews are really positive and they unequivocally confirm that it is a good place to find ideal accommodations.

The reviews frequently mention, among other things, the accuracy of photos and descriptions compared to the facilities’ actual condition, which in itself can provide one a significant sense of security. Portal users also praise the humongous database of tourist attractions; accessing it facilitates planning one’s vacation.

Easy reservation and fast payments

The reservation system on the portal has been prepared, according to the website owners’ claims, in the way making the process as easy as possible. Selecting the actual timeframe and number of guests sends an inquiry to the host, who, after confirming the availability during that time, can collect the payment.

Payments for lodgings are realized through the Airbnb website, so all transactions are registered directly under the user’s account, which one has to create to use the portal. The service itself adds a small commission whose amount is always shown while totaling the cost of the reservation.

The portal also provides a very simple way to cancel the reservation if needed. Reservations can also be made for tourist attractions available on the website.

Time for a quick summary

Airbnb for sure appears to be a very interesting option for tourists who like to travel to different parts of the world and who want to discover new places. At the same time, the portal can be used to a large extent as a typical price comparison website, when one looks, for instance, for the best quality vs. price ratio in a given location. The portal provides many guarantees in regards to the reservations; information about them is available on the website and they for sure inspire a lot of trust.

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Airbnb - reviews:

  1. it seems to be an interesting alternative to pricey foreign hotels. If you have used it and actually stayed at a place from this database, please let me know, I’ll be very grateful.

  2. Hello. Do you happen to know if, just in case, it’s possible to cancel the reservation and get a refund? I’m worried a bit that the money will be lost.


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